Title : «NO MAN'S LOVE» (Koul Trab)
Director : Nidhal CHATTA
Producers : Nidhal CHATTA and Férid MEMMICH
Genre : Feature Film
Shooting Format : 35mm
Running Time : 64mn
Date of Release : 30 November 2016


Koul Trab

The story of “No Man's Love” lures us into the interior world of protagonist Akim, his suffering and alienation. Akim is a young scuba diver who lives together with his older, more austere, brother Issa in an isolated lighthouse on the Tunisian coastline.

Tormented by his sister's recent suicide and frustrated by Issa's strictly regimented lifestyle, Akim leaves to accept an offer by a local Mafia boss to dive into a Roman water tank deep in the Tunisian desert for crates containing gold.

Haunting images of his sister plunging into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea trespass throughout Akim's experience of coming to terms with his great loss. In search of freedom and wary of destiny, between the glistening heat of the desert and the enveloping depths of the sea, Akim arrives elsewhere. more


A father and his son leave in quest of Zero, a most weird figure. Indeed, Zero fascinates as much as it worries and disturbs.

The two characters are going to involve us in their journey, an erudite investigation that will lead us into the past and hence throughout the world and throughout time.Around Zero - an essential concept for the development of mathematical thought - the world of Science lived through centuries of controversies and fights.

We will thus follow Zero from the Greco-Roman Mediterranean world to India and from Central Asia to Bagdad and the Islamic world, from the Maghreb to Andalusia and Western Europe. more


Title : «ZERO !»
Director : Nidhal CHATTA
Associate Producer : Férid MEMMICH
Genre : Feature Documentary
Shooting Format : 2.5K Cinematography
Running Time : 62mn
Date of Release : February 2017


Title : «ADPD»
Director : Nidhal CHATTA
Executive Producer : Salam KAZMA
Producer : Ministry of Interior of Abu Dhabi
Genre : TV Series
Shooting Format : HD Cinematography
Running Time : 26 mn x 24 ep.
Date of Release : 2009


ADPD is a 24 episode action-packed series written, produced and filmed entirely in the UAE.
ADPD is a one-of- a-kind production which includes interviews with Abu Dhabi police’s high ranking officers and injects doses of drama while profiling cases and the tactics of units such as the Criminal Investigations Department, K-9, Marine Police, VIP Protection,Hostage negotiators and Force-7

Each week the audience is introduced to a unit from the Abu Dhabi Police Department and is taken through a ride filled with action, drama, shoot-outs, explosions and investigative police work. Whether it’s taking aim with Snipers, containing an area through Crisis Management or being in a crime lab with the Forensic Evidence Section, ADPD has viewers glued to their seats wanting more from this adrenaline filled show. more


This psychological thriller opens with the disappearance of a unique manuscript from the Baghdad Museum, during the American offensive in Irak. The manuscript is from the Abassid period called "The 3rd Infinite" and its scientific content challenges many established ideas. The document is irrefutable proof that the Golden Arab Age had formulated the theory of the origin of species 10 centuries before Charles Darwin.

It features Justin LIVINGSTONE, a biologist and explorer keen on natural history, Abdallah a police officer combining fine detective flair and shrewd psychological acumen, Ossama SAAD, a prominent archaeologist and discoverer of the manuscript, Salima his daughter involved in a complex and ambiguous relationship with Abdallah, and finally Rashida dubious MD who also lusts after the manuscript more


Director : Nidhal CHATTA
Producer : Abdelaziz BEN MKLOUKA (CTV Services)
Genre : Feature film
Shooting Format : 4K Cinematography
Running Time : 90 mn
Date of Release : January 2012



Nidhal + Sophia

Title : Mustafa Z
Director : Nidhal CHATTA
Co-Producer : Férid MEMMICH
Director of Photography: Mohamed MAGHRAOUI
2nd Unit DOP Samy SNOUSSI
Genre : Feature film
Running Time : 90 min
Date of Production : 2016

Mustafa Z

Mustafa Z ou la loi de l’emmerdement maximum
Mustafa Z (Murphy’s Law) : "Whatever can go wrong will go wrong... at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way"
Mustafa, a 44 year old Tunisian, is preparing for a day and night out of the ordinary on the eve of the second round of free presidential elections in 2014 in Tunisia. His marriage is on the rocks as he lives with constant criticism about his lack of ambition and unassuming character from his wife, Farah, yet his nightmare is just about to begin!
Whilst getting ready in the bathroom, one of his teeth falls out.Then on the school run, Malek, his teenage son, insults him with scathing remarks. Next his work day begins with his instant dismissal : he will never again present the news on the radio!

He seeks calm by shutting himself at home where he falls asleep. On waking he notes with dismay that there is blood in his urine but no time to angst as he must rush to pick up Malek to take him to his after school classes. He then suddenly runs out of fuel and has to abandon his car in search of petrol. On his return he discovers that his car is missing: it is about to be impounded ! He tries in vain to bribe municipal officials, exasperated in the face of adversity, he attempts one last gesture of rebellion and locks himself in the car only to be towed away to the pound!
Meanwhile onlookers film the scene and immediately post events on social media unbeknown to Mustafa.
This triggers a chain reaction that foreshadows the expectations and the mindset of Tunisians at the dawn of the presidential elections. The night ahead unfurls just as unexpectedly as the day had for Mustafa ! His absurd misadventure turns him into a reluctant hero, a tiny grain of sand in the increasingly fragile democratic Tunisian cog. Little by little he regains his dignity and self-esteem and who knows perhaps the start of a new life… more


The objective of this TV documentary series is to introduce the viewer to the greatest desert in the world, namely the Sahara which surface area reaches 9 065 000 square kilometres and notably the Grand Oriental Erg in Tunisia and the Fezzan in Libya.

In this complex ecosystem, animals and plants developed amazing strategies of adaptation in order to resist extreme conditions of temperature and drought.

Indeed, the Tunisian and Libyan deserts are natural laboratories where nature itself acts and reacts uninterruptedly in a perpetual and everlasting movement, very much as in the beginning of the creation of our earth.

Arid soils that remain almost 12 months without precipitation and wake up again to life with the first raindrops. Living organisms with outstanding physiological resistance. Sand dunes which travel across huge distances under the effect of winds, reaching amazing speeds, sometimes up to 100 metres per year. Fossils that constitute a strong evidence of the richness and biological diversity of the deserts throughout geological eras. Finally, men that lived here since immemorial times and their civilisations mastering the arts – paintings and stone carving – a rupestral art which is a living account of our ancestors, nearly 15.000 years ago.


Directors : Kaïs SEGHAIER and Nidhal CHATTA
Producers : Nidhal CHATTA, Férid MEMMICH and Dominique LAISNEY
Genre : Documentary series
Shooting Format : HD
Running Time : 2 x 26 mn/ 10 x 26 mn
Versions : Arabic, English, French
Date of Release : 2006