Tunisia crews are experienced, competent and flexible. Most film and TV industry personel in Tunisia works on a 10 hour shoot day basis. The working week is usually six days, with overtime payable on the seventh day. However these conditions are negotiable for longer shoots.
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Aside from a talented and dedicated team and first class support provided to international producers,
Tunisia is a unique place to film offering :

An exceptional exchange rate, so you get better production value at lower costs (in average : 1 Euro = 3.3 Tunisian Dinars).

An amazing variety of landscapes at close proximity, less than 600 kilometers from the Northern Mediterranean fringe to the Great Oriental Erg.

A stunning diversity of monuments and sites : vestiges of the Romans, Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Arabs, Turks, French and Italians witnesses of Tunisia’s glorious past and also different cultures and religions mainly Islam, Christianity and Judaism prevailing in peace and harmony.

1200 kilometers of coast-line with unique underwater richness, a multitude of islands, national parks and reserves of which Zembra Island and La Galite Archipelago.

Long daylight hours in summer, mild autumns and winters.

9 international airports within short range from the main European capitals and also excellent transport infrastructure.

Comfortable and affordable 3, 4 and 5-star hotels all over the country.

Mobile telephone networks with international roaming, broadband internet access and video conferencing.

Warm and open-minded people.

Tourist and leisure activities and destinations in abundance for your rest days.

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