Hassen Gharbi

Hassen GHARBI is a close collaborator of South by South West Films, currently acting as a coach director and casting director. Hassen is an actor, a screenwriter and a trainer. He started his career at “El Theatro” in Tunis where he acted in several productions such as “Dance with the Monkey”, '' The Voting Booth'' and “ Question of Life and Death”.
In 2016, Hassen wrote his first play '' Bik Naaich '', an inspiring and explosive stand-in comedy which he performed under the direction of Nawfil Azara. In 2018, he was on tour with an indie dramedy '' Mister Impossible '' which was critically acclaimed and gained him public recognition.
In 2019, he joined and integrated the Cinematography Master Class workshops under the supervision of Nidhal CHATTA, where he shares his knowledge and develops his performances as an actor and a short film director.