Rick PRICE is a specialist in natural history, underwater and documentary Director/Cameraman with 22 years professional experience. Rick started his scientific career as a marine biologist, working for the British Antarctic Survey. Rick has cameraman credits for such prestigious television programs as the BBC's David Attenborough "Life of Birds" Series, the BBC's "Natural World" Series and the Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" programs presented by Nigel Marven. Rick has also also been the senior cameraman on films about Aldabra in the Seychelles Islands, a marine nature reserve between Sardinia and Corsica, a documentary about Bowhead whales in the Arctic and two documentaries about the once endangered Red Kite in Mid-Wales. Rick specializes in polar, wilderness and underwater photography. He is a very experienced diver with many years of experience in both the Arctic and Antarctic and other remote regions of the planet.