NIDHAL CHATTA is a former Loughborough University of Technology graduate (United Kingdom). He studied ecology and marine biology and was involved with Captain Cousteau's camera team as a diver and a short films director

He attended John STRASBERG's director course in Paris (Actor's Studio, the Real Stage) and directed 4 shorts of which « LOST HORIZON » and « NO MAN'S LOVE », his first full feature, in collaboration with Terry FORRESTAL , stunt coordinator and second unit director for Brazil, Indiana Jones, Braveheart and Titanic, in tandem with Mike VALENTINE, UK's premier underwater photographer

NIDHAL acted as Production Manager and Line Producer on BBC's series « Between the Lines III », BBC's feature « All for the Love of You », UNEP's documentary project « Between Earth and Sea » and Anthony WALLER's « Nine Miles Down » a US feature film produced by Seven Arts Pictures (London, Los Angeles). Nidhal CHATTA also collaborated with Universal Music in Paris as a director. He also directed 125 commercial films dealing with advertising agencies such as Nelson McCann, J. Walter Thompson, DDB, BDDP and Ogilvy

He was appointed Technical Director and Project Coordinator by the United Nations Environmental Programme on the MedMPA project which was implemented in 7 Mediterranean countries (2004-2005) and financed by the European Union

NIDHAL directed a TV docudrama series entitled « ADPD » on behalf of the Ministry of Interior of Abu Dhabi (2008-2009). He acted as Line Producer on « NINE MILES DOWN » (2008) a feature film produced by Seven Arts Pictures (London, Los Angeles)

He directed « THE LAST MIRAGE » (2009-2010), a feature film starring Jean-Marc BARR, Elisa TOVATI, Andelmonem CHOUAYET and Hichem ROSTOM

He produced and directed « ZERO » (2014) a feature documentary related to the Golden Age of Arab sciences, a program financed by the Tunisian Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of External Affairs Government of India and the OIF, French International Speaking Organization

He recently produced and directed « MUSTAFA Z » (2017) a full length feature (Best Actor Award, Carthage Film Festival 2017 / Best Film & Best Actor Awards, Ouejda Film Festival 2018/ Best Film Kilimandjaro Award, Toulouse 2018 / Best Actor Award & Special Jury Prize, Alexandria 2018/ Best African Actor and Golden Sotigi, Ouagadougou 2018/ Best Actor Award, Harlem 2018 / Best Political Film, Jaïpur 2019)

Nidhal CHATTA just launched his new acting classes within the framework of Acting Studio Carthage (2019).
Special courses, master classes and workshops will be conducted throughout the year. Students are shown how to make their performance best work for screen while developing their mental, emotional and physical range. A specific focus is given to the practice of Zen and Budo deep breathing exercises which reduce anxiety, heart rate and enhance concentration and self-confidence.

Director-Filmography (based on the date of shoot)

  • 1984 - Lost Horizon (Short film)

  • 1984 - Adventure Under the Sea (Short film)

  • 1985 - Champions (Short film)

  • 1987 - The Eye of the Zero (Short film)

  • 1999 - No Man's Love /Koul Trab (Full Length Feature)

  • 2001 to 2003 - The Living Deserts (TV Documentary Series)

  • 2008 to 2009 - Abu Dhabi Police Department (TV Action Series)

  • 2009 - The Last Mirage (Full Length Feature)

  • 2013 - Zero ! (Feature Documentary)

  • 2016 - Mustafa Z (Full Length Feature)

  • 2020 - Bunkoeur, the Life of Malek (Full Length Feature) (Work in progress)


Lost Horizon : Best Young Director - Festival du Film Maritime et d'Exploration, Toulon 1985 / Silver Palm Award - Institut Français de la Mer, Paris 1985 / Best Musical Score - Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous-Marine, Antibes Juan Les Pins 1985 / Jury Prize - Ciclo Internacional de Cine Submarino de Donostia, San Sebastiàn 1986

No Man's Love : First Film Award & Best Supporting Actor, Carthage Film Festival 2000 / Best Film, FIFEJ Sousse 2001 / Canal Plus Horizons Award, Paris 2001

The Last Mirage : Tunisie Telecom Award - Work in Progress, JCC Carthage Film Festival, 2010

Zero ! : Best Coproduction , Honorary Award from the Ministry of External Affairs India , New Delhi 2015 / Artistic Contribution Award, Djerba Doc Days 2016 / Audience Award, 3rd edition of Cannes Festival du Cinéma Tunisien, 2018

Mustafa Z : Best Actor Award, Carthage Film Festival 2017 / Best Film & Best Actor Awards, Maghreb Film Festival Oujda 2018 / Best Film Kilimandjaro Award, 5th Toulouse African Cinema Festival Africlap / Best Actor Award & Special Jury Prize, 34th Alexandria International Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries 2018 / Best Actor Award, Maghreb Film Festival Haarlem 2018 / Golden Sotigui & Best African Actor, 3rd edition of the Sotigui Awards, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 2018 / Audience Award, 3rd edition of Cannes Festival du Cinéma Tunisien, 2018 / Best Political Film, 11th Jaipur International Film Festival-JIFF 2019

Festivals (a selection)

Lost Horizon : International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 1985 / International Short Film Festival Montreal 1985

No Man's Love : Official Selections Valencia Film Festival 2001 and San Francisco AFF 2001 / 12° Festival Cinema Africano Milano 2002 / Festival des Films Francophones - Cinéma Uitkijk, Amsterdam 2009 / 2nd edition of the Paris Tunisian Film Festival 2009 / Journées des Films Tunisien, JFT Bizerte 2017

The Living Deserts : "DOC à Tunis" 2007 / Festival Francophonie à Wroclaw 2015

The Last Mirage : Open Doors, Locarno Film Festival 2012 / JCC 2012 Carthage Film Festival , Special Session before World Premiere

Zero ! : Cinéactions and le Mois du Documentaire, Carros Nice 2018

Mustafa Z : Festival du Cinéma Méditerranéen de Bruxelles 2018 / Festival Cinémas du Sud, Institut Lumière Lyon, 2018 / Festival CinéAlma du Film Méditerranéen, Carros 2018 / Fenêtres sur le Cinéma Tunisien, UNESCO Paris, 2018 / 4th Arab Film Festival Zurich 2018 / 13nth edition of Festival Cinémas d'Afrique Lausanne 2018 / Tunisian Film Festival, India 2019